Continuous Support
Of Automations

SAM – Smarthis Automation Maintenance – is Smarthis' support service with the main international certifications in automation, which has specialized professionals to provide continuous assistance and guarantee the perfect functioning of its solutions.

Find out how it works 


With our support, your automations are monitored 24/7! Automatic preventive alerts are issued in case of irregularities, in addition to the contact with specialists to solve problems.
That way, you don't have to deal with interruption in the execution or any incidents caused in the system. SAM does it for you!


We have a channel dedicated to opening tickets, which can be operated any day and at any time.


With the possibility of different levels of service, you choose the one that best suits your company's needs.


We have a team set up to solve your problems faster, avoiding losses to the business.


Through indicators, we monitor and maintain your automations, ensuring better performance.

Understand the implementation process

Choose from the different service options that range from Self-Service, for those who prefer more independence, to Advanced Support levels, for those who want complete and detailed assistance.

And don't worry, our support service is not restricted to the automations developed by our team. If your automation was built by another company, our team will perform a technical quality analysis of your tool to assess whether it is compatible with the SAM Thus, we can guarantee the reliability required for the operation.

 For automations developed by Smarthis

There is no need for a technical evaluation of the tool, as Smarthis automations already have our quality seal.

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