We believe that good solutions arise from strong connections between people, knowledge, ideas, and ideals. That is why being Smart is more than being part of a company: it is truly living the culture of collaboration and innovation that pumps in our DNA.

We are made of people

We might develop robots to help us in our daily tasks, but we are actually made of humans (!) - with all letters, of all genders, colors, and races, from all beliefs, cultures, sexual orientations, and ages. We look for people that respect these differences and embrace diversity. We believe in transformation, and not only the digital one. Transformation of what is traditional, a transformation of limited thinking... After all, letting go of standards is necessary to build more creative solutions and achieve innovative results.

What moves


If our values match, come and be part of this story of humanized growth and digital transformation with us! Our innovative environment will constantly challenge you to leave the comfort zone and evolve professionally and personally, alongside a highly qualified team.


Our team and our customers are the reason we exist and invest in them because we believe that together we can go further. We embrace differences and celebrate our achievements; after all, our culture values true human connections and empathy.


We strive for excellence in everything we do. For that, we constantly organize internal events, and courses to exchange knowledge and experience among employees. This results in creative ideas and innovative solutions that exceed our customers' expectations. In fact, they are always at the center of any decision. After all, their success is our success!


All our decisions and plans are based on ethics and common sense. For this reason, we value a team made up of fair, honest, and honest people. We celebrate our achievements with a clear conscience and are increasingly committed to causes that involve the three pillars of conscious capitalism: environment, society, and governance.


We believe in the collaborative work model and, as a single team, we understand that the other's problem is also our problem. So, we internally encourage an open environment for the constant exchange of knowledge between people. After all, we grow and learn faster together.


Smarthis is made by each one of us, and we are proud team players. Here we work on self-management, reinforcing the autonomy and importance of each employee of the team. We do not seek justification; we assume our responsibilities, we take the initiative, and we work hard to find the solutions that generate the best results for the company.


The world and technologies are constantly evolving and so is Smarthis. Therefore, we invest in knowledge as a way to impact our customers and inspire our employees. We seek to support our team on an ongoing basis in their personal and professional updating, giving the necessary support for them to develop and reach their best version.

What Smarthers say about us

“One of the things that I most admire at Smarthis is the attention given to its employees. It is a company that listens to you and helps you to take your ideas forward. In my career at Smarthis, I was able to get to know the largest industries in the country, their processes, areas, and people positively impacted by digital transformation.When I joined Smarthis I said that it is important to be inside the rocket, no matter the seat, to be together when it takes off. I just did not think there would be so many opportunities! Now I am one of the partners and I learn every day because the company shows me the way to professional development.”

Marc Chevallier, Partner

“I am very proud and I feel very happy to be a Smarthis employee, due to some pillars that I daily experience at the company. I could mention the collaborative and challenging environment, and autonomy encouraging, both for personal and intellectual growth. The company brings together people with a very high intellectual potential, people passionate about technology, learning, and challenges. To be part of Smarthis, in my perspective, is to be sure that with effort, humility, commitment and collaboration there are no limits to how far I can fly. Finally, I feel fulfilled to work as an RPA Developer and to be able to help clients with their challenges, making the world more and more efficient through the automation process.”

Diego Leite, RPA Developer

“Working at Smarthis has been an enriching journey full of learning. My identification with the company and its values, along with all the recognition throughout my path, drive me every day in the pursuit of becoming an excellent professional who contributes significantly to the company's development. We live in a collaborative environment and are encouraged daily to develop not only our technical skills but also personal and interpersonal ones. Being at Smarthis is much more than just being part of a company; it is living a transformative experience where every achievement can and should be celebrated.”

Mainara Assis, Associate
Próximo Anterior

Great people make great place to work

Respect and care for our team brought us a very important award: we were nominated by Great Place to Work as one of the best companies to work for in Brazil!

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So come and accelerate the digital revolution with us! We have vacancies and infinite growth opportunities.