Intelligent Document Processing

Eliminate manual data entry and optimize your company’s document processing. With our Text Recognition and Extraction API from digital and digitized files, you can transform your company’s unstructured data into valuable information.

Extract text and data from images and documents


Imagine the convenience of searching, extracting, and utilizing information from documents, including images, with just one API call. With our solution, you have models specialized in reading different types of documents, from the most standardized to the most variable, such as invoices and receipts, optimizing time, effort, and resources for your company.


Choose the template that has adequate reading ability for the type of document that the user wants.


In the absence of the desired model, Smarthis offers the opportunity to co-create this new reading ability at no additional cost.


Processing documents through the API and generating a JSON output file containing the extracted structured data.

Experience the freedom of an automated workflow

Have you thought about automatically analyzing and extracting information from all the PDFs, emails, forms, and contracts you interact with daily? With our text recognition and extraction solution, document management becomes easy and efficient.

By converting files into structured data, you eliminate the need to manually read, extract, and enter the information you want, optimizing your company’s document processing and reducing costs. In addition, our solution enables you to integrate this data into automated systems and workflows, speeding up tasks and reducing human error.

See how intelligent document processing can meet the needs of your business:


Intelligent processing enables end-to-end automation of document-centric processes, which saves time and resources while increasing operational efficiency.

Accuracy and
error reduction

The solution performs text reading and extraction without human intervention, ensuring data integrity and reducing human error when handling large documents.

Integration with
existing systems

The API can be integrated with existing document management systems and workflows, enabling smooth transition and better collaboration between teams.

Quick access
to information

The text conversion of documents and images into structured data facilitates the search and retrieval of important information, optimizing data-driven decision-making processes.


The solution eliminates expenses associated with manual document processing, such as administrative work, printing, and physical storage, resulting in direct savings of financial resources.


The solution deals quickly and accurately with large volumes and varieties of documents, ensuring efficiency and scalability for the organization´s growth.

Security and

The solution helps ensure compliance with data security standards and regulations, enabling secure handling and control of access to sensitive information.

customer experience

The solution enables businesses to process documents faster and more efficiently, resulting in shorter response times and a better customer experience.

Revolutionize the way
you handle documents