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Since Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement in late 2021 that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp would be part of the Meta group, the subject has never fallen into oblivion. On the contrary, the Metaverse topic was one of the most discussed, and the search for the term on Google increased exponentially. 

The question that remains in the spotlight: after all, what is Metaverse and what is the role of Artificial Intelligence in this scenario? Let’s answer these questions and explain the relationship between both technologies. 

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What is Metaverse? 

The Metaverse has several definitions. But, in the most traditional we know today, it can be understood as a junction of decentralized virtual worlds, interconnected, where people can do everything they do in the physical world.  

Today, evidence of the Metaverse already exists in online games, such as Fortnite and Roblox, as well as being present on social networks, such as Facebook.  

In short, we can understand the Metaverse as a combination of several technologies, which allow users to “live” experiences in this digital universe.  

Within this technology, there are many layers and it is at this moment that one already known comes into play: Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Artificial Intelligence and the layers of the Metaverse  

To better understand the construction of the Metaverse and how AI applies in this scenario, it is important to know the 7 layers that make up this reality: 

  • Experience 

The Metaverse seeks to dematerialize physical space, distance, and objects. This means living abundant virtual experiences, which go beyond a simple graphic space or a universe of stories, also proposing social interaction. 

  • Discovery 

Layer number two focuses on introducing people to experiences. It is where and how they will learn that this new experience exists and is real, without the reality being divided between physical and virtual.  

  • Creator economy 

Here, creators use AI as a creative partner to create experiences people expect, with a focus on creative writing and realistic images from text descriptions or simple drawings. 

  • Spatial computing 

It designs systems that push the traditional boundaries of the screen and keyboard, without being stuck with them. Through resources, it manipulates 3D spaces. Here, it is necessary to use AI to create more immersive digital worlds.  

  • Decentralization 

Creators need to be sovereign over data and creations so that technologies from multiple fronts come together in one place. Here, come into play, all the business models built to create a world without intermediaries, democratic and distributed  

  • Human interface 

It is essential to develop new devices (cell phones and augmented reality glasses), as well as smart devices and sensory experience technologies, which will be absorbed into the Metaverse by the human interface. AI assists in inclusive interfaces such as image recognition for visually impaired people, machine translation, etc. 

  • Infrastructure 

The final layer enables network-connected devices to deliver content. Because of this scenario, the 5G network aims to improve bandwidth by reducing contention and latency.  

What is the role of Artificial Intelligence in the Metaverse? 

We live in the age of digital transformation and, as a result, we receive daily news and solutions focused on AI. This panorama not only changes the way we relate to technologies, but directly impacts our daily work lives. 

The availability of this feature is increasingly essential to deliver relevant activity insights. Through virtual and augmented reality and holograms, joining the two worlds, one can live a fully immersive experience in the Metaverse. 

With so many possibilities, AI has been important for several areas in the market, allowing the construction of scenarios that connect people and businesses. 

And you, have you already invested in Artificial Intelligence to achieve good experiences and results for your customers? 

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