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Smarthis Hub is the platform to start your digital transformation. Access a catalog of automation and select the ones that best suit your organization's needs. After that, just accelerate your journey and leverage your results.

The automation
you seek with the ease your business needs


Smarthis Hub is what you need to automate your repetitive activities with innovative solutions. And don't worry about licenses, development, and infrastructure. Maintenance and updates are up to us.

With a platform that has personalized sets, you pay only for the features that your business needs.

Our monthly or annual plans reduce the bureaucracy and guarantee agility in hiring. Through them, you acquire our set of tools with solutions for the most recurring corporate demands on the market, ready to be used in the Plug & Play model.

The platform performs its automation in the cloud.

Select the plan and services according to your company's needs.

Have complete control of your automation environment.

Choose the automation journey that best suits your needs.

Get insights on new tools according to your profile.

Configure your services in a simplified way, without developing code lines.

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Smarthis Hub is the platform for you who are looking for

Reduction of
costs and errors

Reduction of process time

Agility in



Increased productivity

Delivery of indicators

Greater scalability

Many corporate solutions ready to be used

We developed the Smarthis Hub thinking about the agility you need. Select and use services in the Plug & Play model for different business areas, according to your company needs.

    Ease compliance with legal standards through document management and process monitoring.


    Reduce errors and increase productivity.


    Automate your organization's tax bureaucratic processes and allow your team to focus on strategic actions.


    The digital revolution has started! Increase your productivity and minimize risks and costs by automating tasks with lower added value. We are talking about several areas, from marketing and people management to the legal and accounting of your organization.

Expand your digital technologies universe

Choose the ideal plan for your company's moment and have the digital services you need. Thus, you will have the agility and flexibility necessary to leverage your business.