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It is not news to anyone that Brazil is a country filled with great opportunities for those wishing to undertake business, but with excessive bureaucracy, which causes no less than 86% of Brazilian companies to operate with some irregularity.

Fortunately, through some strategic actions and smart choices, it is possible to manage these tax issues and avoid future problems – especially if you are willing to invest in a reliable technological solution.

For this reason, we have prepared this post with tips to optimize your tax and fiscal routine.

Do you wish to better understand how to do this and to ease your routine? Then follow the valuable tips that we have selected for you.


Invest in a good automation platform

Today any business that wants to beat the competition and succeed in its segment needs to rely on technological solutions. In addition, to better organize the payment of taxes and streamline your fiscal routine, you cannot but bet on an automation platform – a powerful ally of a smart and up-to-date company.

The automation platform is a tool that offers greater data accuracy, eliminating the chances of human error, such as scanning errors and forgetfulness, in addition to saving time and increasing productivity, since several repetitive activities will be performed by the software, avoiding losses such as fines, delays or duplicate payments.


The Benefits of an Automation Platform

Now that we have shown an automation platform as a solution for paying taxes and optimizing your tax routine, we will better explain how this type of solution can assist your business.


Criminal Background Check

Obtaining a negative clearance certificate is a common practice for both companies and individuals. The detailed search for criminal records is considered legitimate under the law if your company needs applications for specific positions or that deal with minors, the elderly, transportation, high financial values or sensitive information. Search results go directly to the registered email address and stored securely, following LGPD regulations.


Active Debt Consultation and Regulation

All pending payments that you or your company have left unpaid to the government (taxes, IPVA, IPTU, fines, and fees) are sent to the active debt, which is divided between tax (which can be any kind of tax) and non-tax (which are direct payments to the government that do not involve taxes).

Many people or companies are not even aware that there is any outstanding debt in their CPF or CNPJ, so making a query and settling these issues is the best way to be up to date with your obligations. Make the necessary inquiries to regularize yourself and indicate which e-mails (besides yours) should receive this information.


GNRE Issuance

The National Guide for the Collection of State Taxes (GNRE) must be issued for the collection of taxes and contributions; however, it may contain errors when done manually. Using the fiscal software, you can simply fill in the upload file with the NFS-e information to generate the related guides. You can also indicate which emails, other than your own, should receive the results.


Generation of ICMS Guide

Delaying ICMS is something that can cause severe problems for your company. However, with a smart tax software, you can download several bills simultaneously, even from different CPFs or CNPJs. Once again, you only need to fill in the NFS-e information, to have the results sent automatically to the registered e-mail.


Download of IPVA

The late payment of the IPVA is common even for individuals. For companies, which may have multiple vehicles, the problem, and the fines, can be even greater. With a good automation platform, you can download the IPVA Regularization Form from various RENAVAMs, centralizing information and avoiding delays.


Issuance of ISS Guides

A fiscal software helps in eliminating repetitive tasks and possible errors that could be done in a company. This includes, for example, downloading ISS forms, simply filling in the fields with the necessary data and being able to make the next forms with the consolidated information, saving time and work.


As you have seen, a quality tax software can do everything you need to ensure the optimization of your organizational routine. Opt for those that offer functionalities that are in tune with the demands, needs, and objectives of your company.

Have you noticed how simple it is to make your own life as well as that of your company easier? Obviously, just as it is also important to keep up with the fiscal and tax obligations and the legislation in our country, it is important to leave this task in the hands of someone (in this case, a platform) that is reliable and specialized in this. After all, your company is one of your greatest assets.

Smarthis is one of the leading specialists in the market for this type of solution, because just like you, we know what it is like to be an entrepreneur. Contact us to understand more about our solutions and talk to one of our specialists.

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