Increasingly, new technologies are emerging in the corporate world to enhance the professional routine. From Artificial Intelligence to automation, these innovations make it possible to optimize the workforce. All this ensures greater productivity and less time wasted with repetitive and manual tasks, turning them completely digital. 

Following this scenario, evolution is a great ally for businesses to have access to the most modern tools, improving processes and achieving satisfactory results for themselves and their customers. In addition, of course, to enable the brand to always stay one step ahead of the competition. 

Do you want to know how the market and brands are being impacted with this panorama? Continue reading, understand more about the available solutions – such as RPA and Artificial Intelligence – and get ready to “embark” on the digital transformation, which is completely necessary these days. 


Highlighted Process Automation  

With digital transformation on the rise, the need for companies to update themselves is intensified. Here, process automation has gained notoriety in the market, because it ensures much faster, objective and measurable results. This scenario also contributes to the reduction of expenses and agility in the delivery of services and products (digital or offline). 

Given this, the trend is for brands to go through automation, unifying sectors and systems. Thus, it can be ensured that data and information circulate with greater accessibility and transparency, optimizing the strategy implemented in organizations. 


What is RPA and how can it help businesses? 

RPA is a software that aims to automate the processes of an organization. Through it, companies can create bots, which learn, simulate and perform the repetitive activities performed by the team, such as accessing emails, simulating mouse actions, typing, checking content on the screen and browsing websites. 

With so many skills, these robots can put into practice a multitude of tasks, from performing data entry and extraction and managing files and documents to integrating systems. All according to the workflow, which describes how RPA will perform each step of the process in an automated way. 

The benefits of this solution are numerous: 

✔ Reduction of process time 

✔ Increased productivity 

✔ Reduction of manual errors 

✔ Improved data quality 

✔ Data logging for auditing 

✔ Increased compliance 

✔ Service level improvement 

✔ Increased scalability 


What is Artificial Intelligence and how can it help companies? 

Companies that adopt solutions for process automation, robotization and intelligent management with connected Artificial Intelligence reduce operational costs and inconsistencies; improve compliance practices and customer experience; increase productivity; and accelerate growth. 

Artificial Intelligence is part of a set of technologies capable of simulating human intelligence. Systems and machines based on solutions with AI aim to perform the most varied tasks and enhance knowledge and interactions, through data that is processed over time.  

Thus, brands can predict future events, ensuring decision-making with minimal human intervention, as well as more assertive and fast. Not to mention recognizing and solving problems encountered before we are even able to identify them. All to make life easier for people and organizations.  


How are RPA and AI solutions transforming the job market? 

Repetitive and manual activities being supplied so that people can focus on more strategic situations that need greater attention, ensuring more productivity and fewer errors to companies. This is the main change observed with new technologies, such as the famous automation robots and Artificial Intelligence. 

In fact, these solutions are moving the labor market, transforming professional profiles and creating new activities. But at the same time, they reiterate how much they need humans to be applied.  

After all, these digital solutions work as an assistant for the employees, performing the operational part and leaving them free to spend their time on creative tasks that require expertise, focused on developing new projects and optimizing processes. In other words, it is not a substitution of one for the other. Everyone in their respective spaces can bring great results.  


Examples of companies that are using RPA and AI 

We present examples of two of our clients who have implemented these technologies, both from different sectors, but who have ensured excellent results: 

Ball Corporation is the world’s largest producer of sustainable aluminum packaging, as well as providing instruments, aircraft, data intelligence and advanced technology in the space business. Because of its worldwide operations, the company used to have a large number of repetitive internal processes.  

In this way, they wanted to identify and automate these demands to continue achieving better results. The goal was to save hours of human labor by reallocating that time into activities that required expertise. This was achieved through the deployment of Smarthis’ RPA solutions. In 2021, after three years of partnership, the company already had 170 automated processes and more than 80 completed projects. 

Bridgestone, considered the largest tire manufacturer in the world, decided to use automation technologies to make its processes even more efficient and solve difficulties that directly impacted its time and production costs.  

With the deployment of Smarthis’ RPA technology, Bridgestone was able to redirect more than 50,000 hours of work. 

Digital transformation is here to stay 

Technologies such as those cited in this article – RPA and AI – are positively influencing the job market.  

Not only because they facilitate the routine of companies, but also because they serve as a kind of opportunity for organizations and, especially, professionals, to stand out in their areas of expertise. 

And you, will stand still in time? Get to know our solutions and be part of this evolution! 

Take it to a new level with Smarthis solutions. This is the ideal way to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. We help you implement the latest technologies that ensure efficiency and agility in all aspects of your business.